Spicy winter heat

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La Louisiane Located 5850 Sherbrooke one of the only Cajun and Creole place’s that I know of around Montreal.
I actually worked there and oddly enough lived above it for two years. I used to love waking up to the sweet smell of cajun food.

A few things on the menu:
Jalapeno scones, shaped like miniature muffins(which by the way I can eat like 20 of)
Coconut beer shrimp, blackened fish, jambalaya, gumbo, crab cakes, hush puppies, voodoo pasta and can’t forget Louisiana Alligator. Alligator you say? Yup alligator… And the list goes on.

This place is great! Paintings of New Orleans on the walls, great music. An open kitchen so you get to see most the action. To me this really add’s to the dining experience. (I’m not talking Benihana style so no one will be flipping shrimp into your mouth or making onion volcanos. Sorry.)
Being a cook in an open kitchen isn’t an easy feat. You need to be in a clean uniform (which I know is normal but still not easy at times) and always keep your cool.
Everyone and their mother wants to chat with you which is fun but I wont lie to you… It’s challenging when so much is going on and you are handling knives,fire, 20 pans, a full grill and a packed restaurant. Also if you mess something up or cut yourself people may see and sometimes hear it all. Believe me it happens. Hat’s off to any cook that works everyday in an open kitchen.

All that aside. The owners are great and always there helping out. Staff is really cool and friendly peoples. Price is fair and portions are good.
This to me is soul food at it’s best. Truly authentic New Orleans cuisine!
Go get your eat on.
Oh almost forgot get the Banana Fosters for dessert. So yummy!



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Well it is late. I just finished work and for some reason I am having a craving… A craving for breakfast, although maybe at this hour it can be called brinner? Breakfast for dinner I love it!
I like the fact in Asia you order soup for breakfast. But being a true Canadian I also love bacon,eggs,beans,homefrys,pancakes,bagels & cream cheese. The works!
Where to go for this… Well although it is a bit pricey and always packed Beauty’s to me does it right. Located on Mont-Royal/St-Urbain this place has been around for ever. It looks exactly what you would think a 50’s diner would look like.
You can get anything from a classic Montreal bagel, cream cheese and smoked salmon with red onion and capers too Mac and cheese. I lean towards the standard breakfast adding blueberry pancakes. If I’m feeling saucy, or hungover 😉 I get a smoothie with it.
They make great banana bread! The maple syrup truly Canadian and delicious as well.
My mouth is watering on this one. I’m going to stop here. If you are from Montreal chances are you have already tasted the goods. If you are visiting this is definitely a place you should not miss!

Mouth watering chicken…

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Rotisserie Portugalia located on Rachel/Clark street in the Portuguese neighborhood this small place is delicious to say the least. Having lived across the street from it for awhile lets just say I’ve had my fair share of it.
It used to be that you could just order the food for take out however recently having gone through renovations this place can now seat a small crowd.
The barbecued chicken, soaked for hours in a “secret marinade” then slow cooked over the grill, with extra spice thrown on, is. I will say it… The best damn chicken you will ever eat. Seriously. So good it’s like one of the only things you can get there. Even then sometimes you will call and they would just laugh and say “We are all out of chicken, no more.”
People know if they want this chicken to order in advance (at least 2hrs)
Me and my friends jokingly dubbed the guy at the grill the Chicken Nazi. If you seen Sienfeld you would know what I am talking about with the Soup Nazi. “NO SOUP FOR YOU!”
This to me… is how it goes down…
Bunch of guys standing all quiet in a line waiting for there turn to order. The cook points at you. You step forward say your order, how spicy you want it, then your name and then he tells you when he thinks you should come back. “2 hours” you nod your head and leave.
I kinda love it. To put me through something like that and to have me still come back for more. The chicken in gooood.
Till next time fellow foodies!

Dolce Vita Montreal

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Best coffee joints in Montreal!
I said best! So get Second Cup, Press Cafe and yes! even Starbucks out of your head…

Places to go:
Well I myself enjoy the sweet taste of Cafe in Gamba a cozy little place located on Parc Avenue. This place is one of the only coffee shops in Montreal dedicated solely to espresso. What that means is the beans are great and you can be assured that it is done with great resepect to the Italian tradition.
The beans used : Intelligentsia, Zoka, Novo, Vergnano and being a proud Canadian I am pleased to say they also carry 49th Parallel (what is presently known as the best Canadian roaster, from Beautiful British Colombia)
Another great place some of my friends kept talking about was Café Névé located on Rachel/de Bullion. Anytime I would mention coffee they would just shout out that name. “Café Névé!” so I went and of course I was like a kid in a candy store.
This place is… Well to say it right the only word that comes to mind is, yummy!
They use 49th Parallel beans as well (like on the 49th Parallel site which I will be leaving the link below it says “Black as the devil,hot as hell, pure as an angel sweet as love” all so very true).
This place also has great eats. A very trendy hipster place it seems to be, I am good with that. As a matter of fact I love it.
Great music, good eats and amazing coffee this place is a must.

A few other places I will mention that I have yet to goto but come highly recomended are Café Art Java on Mont Royal/St. André. They use the Gimme! Coffee and JJ Bean.

And last but not least a place I will be going to visit very soon is Café Myriad located downtown near Concordia. The guy who runs the place apperently just placed 2nd in the National Barrista Competition out in Vancouver.
Well that is it for now. Have to run. If your reading this and you feel I have left out something crucial. Feel free to drop a comment. I’m always looking for new! Take care and until next time. Stay wired!


The poutine coma..

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Montreal (Quebec) obviously known for poutine. Everyone will have there own opinion as to where the best poutine is from. However if it doesn’t consist of house cut fry’s and cheese curds with homemade gravy… Well then it’s simply not a poutine.
So many choices but my choice is going to have to be La Banquise located 994 Rachel east. This place serves you every kind of poutine your heart and soon to be clogged arteries desire.
On top of all that, this place is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Servicing all your late night cravings since 1968.
Although I am a firm believer in the traditional poutine and how it is not to be messed with. Many seem to love and enjoy the 25 other toppings you can have on the poutine. Which include anything from Merguez sausages to Hot peppers, tomatoes and black olives.
If you missed Thanks giving have no fret order the chicken and pea poutine!
This place also has killer bacon cheese burgers but that is not what this post is about.
Other places in the world have tried to call what they serve a poutine which usually consists of grated cheddar cheese and gravy. I said it before and I will say it again. NO CHEESE CURDS THEN ITS NOT A POUTINE!
Even the chef from au pied de cochon Martin Picard make’s what almost every food critic wrote an article on the Foie Gras Poutine and do you think he changed the type of cheese… I think not.

When I lived in Scotland they all seemed to eat chips and cheese with vinegar (still delicious after a few pints) but I was missing home and a good pouitne. I had asked the cook if he had gravy to put on top. He just stared at me like I was nuts. I took the food and left.

Quebec and poutine as stereotypical as it maybe. It is and always will be delicious.

Reservoir Brasserie

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What can I say about this place except love love love.
They brew their own beer and it’s delicious! Food is simple and fresh. If they run out they cross it off the blackboard. No messin around here.
A pint of beer runs you about 5 bucks and now a days for a good pint that is a decent price.
The menu is simple. Consisting of cheese plates, Assiette de charcuteries (meat) all served on a wood cutting board. Boudin noir(yum), arugula salad, olives,nuts,house chips with chipotle sauce,Grill cheese with gruyere caramelized tomatoes and cucumber. They usually have a tartar of the day (what ever is fresh) And it pains me to say it delicious calamari.(any cook will know why that is so painful to say) This is a place I often visit having tried almost everything on the menu twice over.
I heard they even do a good breakfast although I am never up early enough to give that a try. To me Reservoir is a night place. For now that’s how I’ll leave it! Go see it! Located just of Saint-Laurent corner of Duluth.

Quote from Kitchen Confidential (Vegetarians)

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“Vegetarians, and their Hezbollah-like splinter faction, the vegans, are a persistent irritant to any chef worth a damn. To me, life without veal stock, pork fat, sausage, organ meat, demi-glace, or even stinky cheese is a life not worth living. Vegetarians are the enemy of everything good and decent in the human spirit, and an affront to all I stand for, the pure enjoyment of food. The body, these waterheads imagine, is a temple that should not be polluted by animal protein. It’s healthier, they insist, though every vegetarian waiter I’ve worked with is brought down by any rumor of a cold. Oh, I’ll accommodate them, I’ll rummage around for something to feed them, for a ‘vegetarian plate’, if called on to do so. Fourteen dollars for a few slices of grilled eggplant and zucchini suits my food cost fine.” From Kitchen Confidential, p. 70.