Tuna Tartar

Hello foodies!
Wow! It has been a lot longer than I thought. What with moving, changing jobs and a hole bunch of other stuff going on in my life I apologize for not updating this blog.
I have still been going to many other new and EXCITING restaurants, in which I will be writing about in the up coming week.
Today however I would like to share a recipe with you and most importantly for a good friend I hold close to my heart.

Tuna tartar!
I have been to many, many restaurants and when ever I see Tuna tartar I almost everytime without fail have to try it. Just to see if it is better than mine. The one I am going to share with you is fairly simple leaving the flavor of the tuna intact.
Ok, first and most important, do not cheap out on the tuna part! After all it will be raw (somewhat) and it is the main ingredient. So make sure you buy sushi grade ahi tuna.
Now I could show you an Asian way using sesame seeds & oil, soy sauce, green onions, ginger, lime and even cilantro but what’s the point. Google Tuna tartar and that is for sure going to be the first recipe you come across.
So enough talk here is the recipe.

Spicy tuna tartar w Avocado relish

Avocado relish:
Avocado diced (1 or 2)
About half a small red Onion (finally chopped)
red pepper (cut into small cubes or brunois)
Dill (if you like)
Juice of one lemon
Juice of one lime
olive oil (add enough so the avocado doesn’t brown as fast)
salt and pepper
Mix in a bowl, cover and set aside

Spicy Tuna tartar:
Sushi grade ahi tuna (finely chopped or cubed)
Dill (chopped and add according to taste,about 1 tbs should do the trick)
chives (finally chopped)
sambol (this is the heat so add to taste as well. I like mine spicy.) Just incase you didn’t already know not only acids cook the fish, so does spice. So if you are not serving it right away hold off on the heat.
Lemon (optional, I prefer not adding the lemon. I find it changes the texture of the tuna and cooks it to fast. If you don’t know just leave it out and serve lemon wedges on the side)
Olive oil (extra virgin if you have)
salt pepper to taste
In a bowl mix all of this together

Croutons :
Simply cut some baguette place on baking sheet and brush with olive oil garlic and butter mixture. Sprinkle some chives, salt and pepper and bake until golden. Oven can be as hot as you want it to be, just keep a watchful eye. Can’t count the amount of times I have burned croutons in the oven forgetting I even put them in.

So that’s it! Really simple and delicious dish!
When serving try and find some molding rings. On a plate stuff one with the avocado relish and the other with the tartar. Place a few croutons on the side and dig in!

Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do and like I said earlier more to come this week so stay tuned!


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