jamais d’oeufs sans toi

First I would just like to say sorry for the lack of activity lately lets just say I had a crazy week.

It is just what you would think a breakfast place should be. Collections of chickens and roosters all over, baskets with eggs, wood beams on the ceiling, walls made to look like a barn and comfy seating. I really love this place and I really love breakfast.
I always say a good breakfast place you can judge by there home frys and coffee. Grand mere poule Located on Mont-Royal and Beaubien hits both of these right out of the ball park. Banana bread is killer, bacon always perfectly cooked. Truly one of my favorite breakfast places to visit.
Madame bolduc located 4351 avenue de Lorimier. Also a cozy breakfast/lunch joint this place serves breakfast all day so all you late risers don’t have to worry. Oh and if you like creaton as much as I apparently do…Then try this place out.
Restaurant L’Avenue located 922 Mont-Royal Est this place is trendy hipster place, portions are big, food is great, only thing is it is a tad more expensive then so many other delicious breakfast places out there. Also the bathrooms may give you bad flash backs of the club you visited the other night. That aside it is a place you should visit I heard there lunch menu is pretty good and drinks are BIG!

I know I said in previous article that I would be covering Pub food. I have been looking and have found some great places. Problem is I have to remember I’m there for the food and not the many many pints of delicous beer.


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