Stinky runny cheese

Yes that’s right stinky runny cheese. Lactose intolerant beware!

So much to say about cheese, I will however try and keep it simple as possible. I won’t go into what wines you should drink with cheese, will leave that for you to decide. (I will say stronger wine, stronger cheese. Follow that and you should be just fine.)
Instead I will try and guide you through what I feel to be the proper way of eating cheese.
First important step to picking out cheese is smell your cheese. Not only when you are buying it but when you eat it too. Study’s have proven that your nose can carry over 10,000 different smell receptors, where as your tongue can only detect 4 or 5 senses (salty,sweet,sour and bitter)
Second very important step to eating cheese is room temperature. I can’t stress this enough, never eat cheese right out of the fridge. Leave it out for 1-2 hrs if possible. This will enhance what the flavors and smell’s are meant to be.
Thirdly when presenting cheese, traditionally you want what is called a tasting board either a marble slab or wooden cutting board.
The conventional way to arrange a cheese board is to progress clockwise from soft to hard, and mild to strong.
I read somewhere that when you eat cheese it is important to label a word for each cheese you are tasting that will help you verbalize what you like and dislike the next time you order cheese. Some words that come to mind are: Sharp, pungent, earthy, grassy, sweet, spicy you get the idea.

Last but not least what to serve with your platter. A good crusty bread, jam, some fruits such as fig’s,prunes,pears,grapes and a selection of nuts are great to accompany your platter.

Some I like are:
One of my favorites is a Vacherin which is way more creamy and stinky.Typically French or Swiss.
Blue cheese, most people cower from this one, I however love it! Mold, when it comes to cheese is good! try putting it in a salad or even on a steak.
Gorgonzola, for you people who aren’t to sure about blue cheese but still want to try it, this is a great place to start.
Mimolette, what I label to be an orange parmesan or edam.
Saint-André, it’s like eating butter so damn good.
Oka of course living in Quebec I’d have to mention this. This is one hell of a stinky cheese. Aged 30-60 days and was once made by Monks. Sort of a Port-du-Salut style cheese.
And typically a sharp cheddar aged 2-4 years. (not talking about that orange cheese we are all used to buying at the grocery store.)

A great place to visit is La fromagerie Hamel located on Mont-Royal and Saint-Leonard. If you have any questions or just want to try new, the people there are more than helpful and super friendly.
Also a restaurant downtown Alpenhaus locted on Saint-Marc this place is very much a Swiss restaurant, a great place for cheese lovers and I have to admit… I kind of like fondue.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it and thought it was gouda! I think next blog will be on Pub food. Is there good pub food out there? If so I’m going to find it! Stay tuned.


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