I must have been Portuguese…

I’m not but I swear I must have been in a past life. Feed me chicken, lamb chops, octopus, sausage, rabbit, quail, sardines all cooked on a grill and I’m a happy man.
Accompany that with a side order of olives,bread a good Portuguese olive oil and some wine and we’re dancing.
One of my favorite places at the moment to go for that is Jano’s located 3883 St Laurent, corner Des Pins. This place always leaves me hungry but my belly full. I can’t get enough of it, seriously.
Smoked mussels, merguez sausage, house wine is good (surprise) and even the bread to soak up what ever is left on the plate. Yum.
The price is fair about 10-25 $ a person.
Atmosphere warm and inviting, there’s a window at the entrance where you can see all the delicious meats of sorts cooking slowly on the grill and what looks to be the same chef cooking it since, well since forever.
On that I’ll leave you off with a Portuguese quote a butcher I know always says to me “A sorte protege os audazes” which ruffly translates in English to “who dares wins”.
So dare people dare and you will win at least at Jano’s.

Side note: Soon I will be getting proper pictures of all these places and hopefully even inside the kitchens ext.


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