Spicy winter heat

La Louisiane Located 5850 Sherbrooke one of the only Cajun and Creole place’s that I know of around Montreal.
I actually worked there and oddly enough lived above it for two years. I used to love waking up to the sweet smell of cajun food.

A few things on the menu:
Jalapeno scones, shaped like miniature muffins(which by the way I can eat like 20 of)
Coconut beer shrimp, blackened fish, jambalaya, gumbo, crab cakes, hush puppies, voodoo pasta and can’t forget Louisiana Alligator. Alligator you say? Yup alligator… And the list goes on.

This place is great! Paintings of New Orleans on the walls, great music. An open kitchen so you get to see most the action. To me this really add’s to the dining experience. (I’m not talking Benihana style so no one will be flipping shrimp into your mouth or making onion volcanos. Sorry.)
Being a cook in an open kitchen isn’t an easy feat. You need to be in a clean uniform (which I know is normal but still not easy at times) and always keep your cool.
Everyone and their mother wants to chat with you which is fun but I wont lie to you… It’s challenging when so much is going on and you are handling knives,fire, 20 pans, a full grill and a packed restaurant. Also if you mess something up or cut yourself people may see and sometimes hear it all. Believe me it happens. Hat’s off to any cook that works everyday in an open kitchen.

All that aside. The owners are great and always there helping out. Staff is really cool and friendly peoples. Price is fair and portions are good.
This to me is soul food at it’s best. Truly authentic New Orleans cuisine!
Go get your eat on.
Oh almost forgot get the Banana Fosters for dessert. So yummy!


One Response to “Spicy winter heat”

  1. aw come on… all this great sounding food and no recipes !!!??? you slippin’ my friend, I will have to start drumming my fork on the table res-a-pee, res-a-pee… LOL. Those jalapeno scones sound good, and but I must confess I have no clue what voodoo pasta is, or a Banana Fosters. Yes, cooking in an open kitchen is not for the feint hearted, I have a massive amount of admiration for any cook who can do that too. I suppose that being super organised is the key, do all the prep early and clean up the mess so that the customer only sees the prepared componants coming together, rather than the nuts and bolts of the dishes messy beginnings. I have a sore mouth from inplant surgery and you still managed to make me feel hungry. Well done !

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