Mouth watering chicken…

Rotisserie Portugalia located on Rachel/Clark street in the Portuguese neighborhood this small place is delicious to say the least. Having lived across the street from it for awhile lets just say I’ve had my fair share of it.
It used to be that you could just order the food for take out however recently having gone through renovations this place can now seat a small crowd.
The barbecued chicken, soaked for hours in a “secret marinade” then slow cooked over the grill, with extra spice thrown on, is. I will say it… The best damn chicken you will ever eat. Seriously. So good it’s like one of the only things you can get there. Even then sometimes you will call and they would just laugh and say “We are all out of chicken, no more.”
People know if they want this chicken to order in advance (at least 2hrs)
Me and my friends jokingly dubbed the guy at the grill the Chicken Nazi. If you seen Sienfeld you would know what I am talking about with the Soup Nazi. “NO SOUP FOR YOU!”
This to me… is how it goes down…
Bunch of guys standing all quiet in a line waiting for there turn to order. The cook points at you. You step forward say your order, how spicy you want it, then your name and then he tells you when he thinks you should come back. “2 hours” you nod your head and leave.
I kinda love it. To put me through something like that and to have me still come back for more. The chicken in gooood.
Till next time fellow foodies!


2 Responses to “Mouth watering chicken…”

  1. Yum, I’m *really* into Portuguese cuisine, and have a heap of Portuguese cookbooks (many of them in Portuguese too, since Hubby is studying the language at an advanced level) I think I’m going to have to look into the BBQed chicken possibilities and maybe try some recipes! I’m thinking this must be cooked long and slow, is it hot and spicy? as in piri piri spicy? or more paprika and flavour spices as opposed to heat? There’s a French restaurant here that has a dish you have to order a whole day in advance. It’s 3 different meats cooked for 8 hours plus… I’ve forgotten the exact name but it was very good. Sorry, I haven’t seen Sienfeld, is it “NO CHICKEN FOR YOU!” only if they have run out of chicken ? or only that they are ordering you out and telling you to return later? Sounds good chicken anyway, great post ! Thanks šŸ™‚

  2. Long and slow is the way to go. Nothing GREAT can be rushed (in my opinion) piri piri is great but this chicken is more for flavor spices so it’s not too spicy. As to what spices they use, I’d have to do some research for you. If I have the courage maybe I will even ask. haha.
    A dish you have to order a hole day in advance!!! Must be amazing!
    I have heard of them turning people down all together not liking there attitudes. But for the most part it is that they actually run out of chicken. I recommend you watch Sienfield it is quiet funny. šŸ™‚

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