The poutine coma..

Montreal (Quebec) obviously known for poutine. Everyone will have there own opinion as to where the best poutine is from. However if it doesn’t consist of house cut fry’s and cheese curds with homemade gravy… Well then it’s simply not a poutine.
So many choices but my choice is going to have to be La Banquise located 994 Rachel east. This place serves you every kind of poutine your heart and soon to be clogged arteries desire.
On top of all that, this place is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Servicing all your late night cravings since 1968.
Although I am a firm believer in the traditional poutine and how it is not to be messed with. Many seem to love and enjoy the 25 other toppings you can have on the poutine. Which include anything from Merguez sausages to Hot peppers, tomatoes and black olives.
If you missed Thanks giving have no fret order the chicken and pea poutine!
This place also has killer bacon cheese burgers but that is not what this post is about.
Other places in the world have tried to call what they serve a poutine which usually consists of grated cheddar cheese and gravy. I said it before and I will say it again. NO CHEESE CURDS THEN ITS NOT A POUTINE!
Even the chef from au pied de cochon Martin Picard make’s what almost every food critic wrote an article on the Foie Gras Poutine and do you think he changed the type of cheese… I think not.

When I lived in Scotland they all seemed to eat chips and cheese with vinegar (still delicious after a few pints) but I was missing home and a good pouitne. I had asked the cook if he had gravy to put on top. He just stared at me like I was nuts. I took the food and left.

Quebec and poutine as stereotypical as it maybe. It is and always will be delicious.


4 Responses to “The poutine coma..”

  1. Ok, so now I know that the one I sampled in New Brunswick whilst on holiday isn’t a “real” poutine because it had grated cheese in it and not cheese curd.
    Yes, I CAN completely understand the Scottish cook looking at you strangely, I’ve tried (at least a rudamentary version of poutine) and I’m looking at you stangely. What WAS someone thinking when they invented this one? was there alchol involved at the historic moment?
    I was willing to try this but to be honest I wasn’t in love with it. Maybe I have to go back to Canada and give it a second go. It might grow on me.
    In the meantime, more poutine for you, right?
    kind regards…. kiwidutch 🙂

  2. Hey kiwidutch
    This artcle was just one of many just for you. As per your comment before what do we eat in Montreal (whether I like it or not) this is a staple. I am most certain the person who invented this must have been atleast a few drinks in. I know for myself, I tend to only eat this when I have been drinking.
    New Brunswick is a beautiful place but it is no place to be sampling Poutine. You have to come to Quebec for that!
    I assume you are from the Netherlands? What is it that you guys like to eat most after a few drinks 🙂
    Anyways take care for now hope you keep on reading and somewhat enjoying my posts!

    • What would we eat after a few drinks?.. well at home, some very nicely aged fine Dutch cheese probably LOL, but out on the town, anything deeply deep fried and totally and completely questionionable on the health food front. Ah, I see that I have to add Quebec to my travel list. Be warned, this list is veeeeeery long and my aim to to get though as much of it as possible (a lottery win would be most appreciated to speed up this process but sadly hasn’t been forthcoming to date) Yes, indeed I’m a northern/southern hemisphere mongral …err I mean, pedigree, it’s a wierd situation where I “kind of” fit both worlds but also am like an expat in each. Like a single coin with mismatched sides LOL. Montreal sounds great, I’m enjoying reading the posts.

  3. And it dawned on me kiwi… Obviously a New Zealander in a dutchies body! 😉

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