Reservoir Brasserie

What can I say about this place except love love love.
They brew their own beer and it’s delicious! Food is simple and fresh. If they run out they cross it off the blackboard. No messin around here.
A pint of beer runs you about 5 bucks and now a days for a good pint that is a decent price.
The menu is simple. Consisting of cheese plates, Assiette de charcuteries (meat) all served on a wood cutting board. Boudin noir(yum), arugula salad, olives,nuts,house chips with chipotle sauce,Grill cheese with gruyere caramelized tomatoes and cucumber. They usually have a tartar of the day (what ever is fresh) And it pains me to say it delicious calamari.(any cook will know why that is so painful to say) This is a place I often visit having tried almost everything on the menu twice over.
I heard they even do a good breakfast although I am never up early enough to give that a try. To me Reservoir is a night place. For now that’s how I’ll leave it! Go see it! Located just of Saint-Laurent corner of Duluth.


One Response to “Reservoir Brasserie”

  1. I looove this place and the Calamari is sooo yummy. I am craving it right now. Word

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