Peking duck and wood burning oven

Well here’s the thing, in Montreal wood burning ovens are legal (as far as i know) which is great! The flavor is incomparable to any other. Unfortunately from my knowledge there is no Chinese establishment making authentic Peking duck.
What makes Peking duck authentic you say? Well wood burning ovens of course.
Some would say the closest Peking duck you can get is actually Cantonese duck. But don’t you worry, if it is done right it is delicious all the same!
Mon Nan on Clark Street is a great place for this experience. Usually served in 3 courses.
First course is a duck soup. Followed by duck breast with crispy skin. Crispy skin being the best part in my opinion. Accompanied with hoisin sauce, pancakes and shallots. Finally a duck meat stir fry of sorts.

Although I have yet to have the pleasure of going to Beijing where I’m sure the Peking duck tops all. In Montreal this seems to be the most recommended.
The meal for two usually runs about 45 dollars.

Below is a link I found that teaches you a little more about peking duck and how it is done. Got 12 hrs give it a try. For me this is one I will leave to the experts

If anyone who is ACTUALLY reading my articles knows of any other place that tops Mon Nan please please for the love of duck post a comment letting me know where. That’s it for now. GEtting hungry just writing this again. I think I have something I can whip up in my fridge.


2 Responses to “Peking duck and wood burning oven”

  1. Reminds me of when I went to the chinese supermarket and bought a frozen duck (to make confit du canard at home) of course it was tightly packaged up and imagine my shock once it thawed and I saw that it still had it’s head attached. aaak.
    My trusty cleaver did the necessary but I have to admit I closed my eyes whist decapitating the poor birdy. The trauma on both our parts was worth it, it cooked up a treat.
    I have two other very good Duck recipes if you are interested, Singapore Teochew Duck and a whole streamed Roasted… yummmm. Both better than what the local asian restaurants serve, *and* no added MSG etc.

  2. Hey Kiwi sorry for the late response! I get a little busy near the weekend being a cook and all. I love duck confit!
    It is easy for most of us to forget that we are actually eating something that was once living. Good that you stuck through it. Having a delicous happy ending. 🙂
    Yes of course I would love to hear your recipes. Especially the singapore one sounds yummy.

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