Yum yum go on and get some

This review goes out to a good friend for taking the time to show me this true gem restaurant “Pho Tay Ho” Located at 6414 St-Denis.
Aside from it being scrumptiously delicious, it’s cheap to boot!
Going back to an earlier article “Did someone say Pho” This Pho is godly. Portions are large to say the least accompanied with a pile of fresh herbs and dipping sauces to your liking. (Just watch out for those hot peppers that are already on your table before your food gets there. Killer hot!)
You never have to wait long at Pho Tay ho. Even when people are going in and out like the roar of the ocean there always seems to be a place for you and your fellow’s.
Waiter’s are not scared to recommend what they think you might like and some of you may not like that. I however do not mind. If it wasn’t already one in the morning I would be making the trip right now. I recommend you do the same.

**Tomorrow one of my friend’s insist they know the best Peking Duck in Montreal. Won’t tell me the name just it’s where abouts. You may have guessed it, China Town! More about this later. For now it’s sweet dreams of yummy duck!


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