A side order of blog

Goals for this blog :
I want to be writing about hot spots in Montreal restaurant scene. Places I have been to, places I have worked at or even places I want to go.
All though this blog is mainly about the Montreal Restaurant/bar scene I would also like to mention other cool and exciting stuff I come across online or anywhere else in the world. And I would also like you to share yours.

Little bit about me,
I like to think I have a good enough culinary background to lead all you foodies in the right direction. I have been cooking in restaurants for about 15 years. And I have a big passion for food. I graduated from culinary school in 2001 and have had many crazy journey’s along the way.
I am a huge fan of Anthony Bourdain and Thomas Keller. I own and have read almost everything by them. So you may find a article or two about them in this blog.
Also I am a big music lover. To me food and music go hand in hand. When I’m cooking you will always hear music playing.
Cooks/Chefs/line cooks are my favorite people in the world. I have never met a boring cook.
So to summarize if you are new to Montreal or have been living here for ever and you are sick of ordering the same Chinese food take out. I hope to shed light on the fact that Montreal has allot more then late night shish and poutine. (even though if done right I am a big fan)
I promise to keep this blog as active as I can, even if it is for only a few readers. If not for you and I then for the love of food and everything yummy!


3 Responses to “A side order of blog”

  1. To cool , very nice blog. Finaly somone who goes through the A to Z on the food item there blogging about. Food and converstiongo hand in hand. Now when i make the soup i can talk about aswell. Great job MTL foodie. TY , Keep up the good work.

    PS. What are u writing about next? If you had one last meal, what would it be? oh ya, do you have a fav. restaurnt in montreal?

  2. Hey Justin thanks for leaving a comment. Indeed conversaton and food do go hand in hand!
    Hmm the best question for all cooks alike. WHat is your death row meal. Well Maybe I will save that for an article. Good idea!
    Anyways take care and hope to see you around reading my articles in the near future.

  3. Welcome to the blogging world from a fellow foodie. You’re are totally correct, I too have also never met a boring cook 🙂
    In fact I have met up with some fabulous fellow foodies from all around the world and forged some amazing friendships. I’d much rather drool over kitchen equipment than shoes and handbags…and rather grow herbs than potted plants. I’d like to see you post on Montreal as a city as well as as a foodie place..so I can see it all as a whole, get to know the people as well as what they eat 🙂
    Happy cooking, Happy Blogging ! regards… kiwidutch 🙂

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